• 2010
    KO-GI Biochemistry was established. KO-GI contributes to functional mask paper developing and distributing in beauty industry. We work with brands, cosmetics factory domestically and worldwide.
  • 2014
    HUNG-WEI MATERIAL was found for face mask manufacturing.
  • 2019
    HUNG-WEI MEDICAL is the new title of Hung-Wei Material and get a license of MHW Medical Device Manufacturing. At the same year, HUNG-WEI and KO-GI got ISO 9001 management system implemented.
  • 2020
    HUNG-WEI certified the ISO 13485 quality management system of mask production, thus the production lines are hugely increased.

About Us

KO-GI Biochemistry started the business of mask paper at 2010 to supply beauty care manufacturer domestically and overseas. More and more functional fabric was developed by KO-GI.

Due to the advantage of obtaining nonwoven materials, Mr. Lin, general manager of KO-GI, founded Hung-Wei to start face mask manufacturer. 

After decades of progress, we realize the air quality has started to decline over the past few years, and people's awareness of self-health care has been greatly improved
HUNG-WEI makes full use of the company's expertise and resources, and high-quality medical consumables are born to help to protect people.
More than medical-grade production quality, we also develop diversified products innovatively to bring you overall care.